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Hourly Payments

One (1) Hour $40 [wp_cart:ONE HOUR:price:40.00:end]
Two (2) Hours $75 [wp_cart:TWO HOURS:price:75.00:end]
Four (4) Hours $125 [wp_cart:FOUR HOURS:price:125.00:end]
Ten (10) Hours $250 [wp_cart:TEN HOURS:price:250.00:end]
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Domains / Hosting

Domain Registration (1yr) Domain Registration (1yr)
DNS Record Hosting & Maintenance
Find an available Domain Name
$12.95 [wp_cart:DOMAIN REGISTRATION:price:12.95:end]
Hosting (1yr) Domain Registration
Website Hosting
DNS Hosting
UNLIMITED E-mail Accounts
$72.95 [wp_cart:HOSTING:price:72.95:end]
E-mail Hosting (1yr) DNS Hosting
UNLIMITED E-mail Accounts
$54.00 [wp_cart:E-MAIL HOSTING:price:54.00:end]
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Website Packages

Basic Website Informative, brochure site with Contact Form
(up to 6 pages)
$500 [wp_cart:BASIC WEBSITE:price:500.00:end]
Simple CMS Database-driven, user-customizable Content Management System (CMS)
(up to 10 pages)
$1000 [wp_cart:SIMPLE CMS:price:1000.00:end]

Personal Webmaster

Personal Webmaster Don’t want the upfront costs of having a website built?  Pay monthly for your site built and maintainted! $50 / month ***Note:  As this is a recurring monthly bill, please fill out the form below to get redirected to the Secure Paypal site for the initiation of your subscription***

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